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In Case You Missed It: Township Board of Commissioners Seeks to Save an Old Growth Forest Using the Power of PA’s Green Amendment For decades the crowded communities of Delaware County, PA have enjoyed the forest and hiking trails that pass through Don Guanella Woods in Marple Township, PA.  This 178-acre forest – a unique,

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colorado river

In the NY times article “Corporations Have Rights. Why Shouldn’t Rivers?” we learn about a recently filed lawsuit in which a judge is being asked to recognize the Colorado River as a person. This lawsuit is testing an important legal theory — giving rights to nature — similar to Ecuador’s model. In 2008, Ecuador became the first country to

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For Immediate Release September 28, 2016 Contacts: Maya van Rossum, the Delaware Riverkeeper, 215 369 1188 ext 102 (rings to cell & office) Jordan Yeager, Attorney for Plaintiffs, 215 254 1166 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania: In an 88 page opinion written by Supreme Court Justice Todd and joined by Justices Donohue, Dougherty and Wecht, and issued today,

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